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Love | Life | Attitude | Cool | Funny Login SignUp Create Account Free Login Hotmail SignUp Create Hotmail Account Free: Get best mailing experience with Hotmail. In this fast moving, technically advanced fascinating world, nothing is left impossible. Distance communication was an impossible dream, and today we almost live in whatever city, country or even beyond. Mobiles, internet, Facebook, WhatsApp all these made you connect with friends and family, but when we all about something professional and business oriented these option doesn’t always help.

Mailing came as a rescue for us, be it long drawn pdf, presentations, resumes or all of the other business stuff, mailing has always been something we rely on. It not only solve our problem but makes our job so easy, sitting in one city we can work for someone sitting right at the edge of the globe it’s mailing our login

Now, there are many options which you can go for, but for your convince and comfort we get you the best. It is something which is perfect for you, with every feature and extreme user-friendly quality. This should be your first and the last choice ‘’

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Mail it through Hotmail: Best Mailing Service which is a free web-based email service provider runs by Microsoft. This was one of the world’s first webmail services which got popular as Hotmail from 1996. The further venture moved as MSN Hotmail when it got acquired by Microsoft. Presently it is a rebranded as Windows Live, which is a part of Windows Live.
The popularity can be seen when by 2011, the service had 360 million users per month and a final version of it got released in October the same year. It was available in 36 languages, the popularity and advancement can be sensed through this.
The excellent service and output you get here are unmatchable, you will get the best. The features they offer and the user-friendly technology leaves you fully contented and satisfied. In just a few simple steps you can create your entire new account, and it would take merely few minutes, sign in and sign up will be like a child’s play for you. Specifications – Outlook

Web address:
Type: Commercial
Type of Site: Webmail service
Registration: Required
Renamed: Outlook
Total Users: 400 million (June 2015)
Language: HTML and JavaScript
Founders: Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith
Launched On: 4th July 1996
Owner: Microsoft

How to Login into Your Hotmail Account? Hotmail Sign In

Logging in to Hotmail is as simple as 1, 2, 3, you need to put in your email or phone no. Whatever your requirement is and your password and then just click on ‘Sign in, ’ and you are there. In a second the page will be there in front of you, and you can easily start your work and get going. You just need to keep your login I’d and password in mind and you are sorted. If you don’t want to even take that effort of memorizing then also we have an option for you. Just below the bar for I’d and password, here is a column stating ‘Keep me Signed in.’ you just need to click that and then you need not even remember your I’d and password. Can it get simpler I don’t think so…

Steps to Sign in/Login:

  • Go to Google, type or Hotmail
  • Click on Sign in.
  • Type username & password.
  • Click on sign in, and you are done.


Now, you must be thinking what if we don’t have an account on hotmail. Don’t worry that too will just take a few minutes and then you can sign in any and every time you want.

Steps: Sign up -Create Hotmail Account

If you don’t have your hotmail account need not worry it’s so simple that within a wink of your eye it will be done. When you click on the option of ‘don’t have a Microsoft account-sign up now’ they open a table which requires all your details. You need to fill that table which just has some basic information’s like your complete name, country, birth date etc. You need to fill all this information correctly write some words that appear in front of you in the last box to prove that you are real human. Then just simply click on ‘create my account’ and you are already done. Before, you could think of anything you are done. It is as simple as it sounds even more than that just little basic information, a click and you get your account ready to use.

Steps to create your account- Sign up:

  • Click on don’t have a Microsoft account? Sign up now.
  • Fill the table that appears with all basic information’s keep all the details correct.
  • Type few words that appear on screen in the last box to clear the robot test
  • Click on the blue box stating ‘create account’ and you are done.


This is actually so simple, simpler than any other stuff you can imagine of doing or creating online. Get started creating your new accounts, or sign in your old and get all the benefits of the best web mail site ever. Get it clear from your system that anything here is difficult because we come to use at your ease for your comfort to give you the best, so enjoy mailing.

How to Recover Hotmail Password?

Users can recover their passwords for the inactive accounts for up to one year from the day they had last logged in. But if the user manually deactivates their account, then they have only 30 days’ time period to retrieve the password.

Now Click on “Can’t access your account?” link. This can be found just below the email and password fields.

Select “I forgot my password” and click “Next”.

Enter the login address. After that, you have to fill out the Captcha details and click on “Next”.

Steps to Recover Password

You would need to verify your identity with Microsoft before proceeding to the Recover Hotmail Password reset page. Several methods are available for the verification method based on the preferences you have set for your account. recover password

  • Hotmail will send the verification code to your secondary email address if you have any.
  • If you have an android device, then you can download and use the Microsoft Account app, to generate a unique code to verify your identity.
  • Users are asked questions about their account such as previously-used passwords, date when last used, when was the account created, and other questions related to the account usage. recover password

  • Once you’ve selected your verification method, retrieve your code to access the password reset page.
  • Upon entering your verification code, you will be navigated to the account reset page. Here, you can create a new password for your Hotmail account to access your account.

However the bottom line using comes down to personal preference and need of the hour. People prefer different services for different reasons. Each one of us have a favorite. For some it may be Gmail, for some yahoo and for some Hotmail.

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