Tasker APK Download Latest Version Android | Tasker Full APK Free

Tasker APK Download Latest Version Android | Tasker Full APK Free: How to Download and Install Tasker App for Android Mobile/Phone and Tablet. The present generation is a smart generation. All most every one of us is using smartphones including Android, iPhone, iPad, and Tab. With the increasing rate of mobiles and smartphone, the number of apps is also increasing.  Among all the devices, apps for Android are huge. Android is one of the most flexible mobile OS that often acts as our sprites conceding our everyday mobile wishes, making many of those dreams come true. And, as a powerful device having multiple tasks, a task control and task mechanization app such as Tasker only proliferate their powers.

Tasker APK Download

About Tasker App:

Tasker is a task control and task automation app specially designed for Android devices. You can also define Tasker as an Android programming app for advanced Android users. But like other Android programming apps, the code lines of Tasker are not so scary scaring but allow you to make use of a delicate edge.

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At its core level, Tasker facilitates you to create small Android apps that do as per your command. Broadly saying, Tasker is a remarkable series of popular Android apps which fulfill the instructions given on your behalf and carry out it robotically on your Android phone.

It is one of the most popular Android apps that assist the Android user in managing their phones in their ways. Tasker can do everything on your Android phone devices completely. It can help you to on your Bluetooth while driving and in any other working times. It also helps you to power off your Android phone, calling, Bluetooth, Text sending, and much more services. Let’s take a look at its features.

Features of Tasker APK

Create limitless profiles and commands for the different branches of your Android phone.The ability to back the configuration

Action: Action is the primary factor of Tasker. It helps to manage and functions the phone and Tab features that act upon something or convey the phone to a particular state. It supports more than 200 measures grouped into 21 categories.

Tasks: It is also helpful to carry out the essential tasks. It is usually connected to a trigger or “context”, but can also be capable of being a free-floating, independent work performed manually.With Tasker, you can run a task within another task. You can also copy, export, import, and lock tasks.

Profile: It is designed to create some “container” or “package” for context and linked tasks. With Tasker, one can define numerous settings for an only profile, and all those states of affairs must be right for the connected tasks to run.

Variable: It is the feature of spiritual value that can be amended to time, as the battery charging level or the date.

Scene: This feature is a customized user interface to create your design of switches, menu, popup, and other UI essentials.

Project: This attribute of Tasker is a collection of profiles, tasks, scenes, and variables. Each project has its individual tab which appears at the bottom of the main screen along with a user-defined scheme name. With this feature, you can export and import your project.

Tasker APK Download

Now Tasker has changed completely and arrived with entirely new features, powers, and factors to boost your Android phone management.

The latest version of Tasker has launched with power-packed features and new facilities named as Tasker v4.8.

Let’s check the improved features of Tasker in this version:

What’s New?

  • Excellent backup support for Android apps (Default disable).
  • Go-ahead configurations and tasks are loading for the far-flung administration of device.
  • Superior restore and local backup.
  • Individual context opening states shown in UI.
  • Task testing: problems publicized in sequence.
  • Accelerometer support for lesser power and extra approachable location detection for the availability of hardware and many more improvements, add-ups, and bug fix.

You know what the best thing about the latest version of Tasker is – it is entirely free to download. If you are hunting for an app for the better management of your Android phone, then downloading the latest version of Tasker can be a wise step for you. Tasker is a superb app and can be downloaded free for your Android smartphones. By following some simple steps, you can download this app for free.

Tasker APK Download Latest Version Free | Tasker Full APK

As Tasker is not available in Google Play Store, you need to make your device compatible for downloading Tasker latest version free from other sources than Google Play Store. The pre-downloading procedure is to make your Android phone to allow the installation of this apps from other places than Google Play.

Steps to do this:

Go to the menu on your Android phone and click on “Menu” button

Beat on “Settings” key and pick “Applications.”

Then check the checkbox for “Unknown Sources” and click on “yes” to allow unknown source download.

Downloading process

As this app has been removed from Play Store, you need to browse the official website of Tasker to download it.

1: Go to the link: http://tasker.dinglisch.net/download.html.

2: Then select your device Android version and click on the provided link to download Tasker latest version.

On the Device Itself

3: When downloaded to a browser, you need to tick on the item in the browser’s Downloads list to start the installation process.
If you’ve completed the download with a file named asTasker.zip, then you need to rename it to Tasker.apk.

4: Now Install this and start running on your device.

Tasker APK Download

Note: Make sure that you are using the latest version of Android phone. This version of Tasker is compatible with Android Version Jellybean, KitKat, Lollipop, and Marshmallow.

Download via SD Card

  • Put the downloaded Tasker APK file onto the SD card, and make sure to follow one of the steps:
  • Tap on it within a file manager.
  • Make use of the app Apps Installer

Additional Facts:

If you are downloading Tasker on an Android device, make sure to follow some basic facts:
Always use the regular system browser
While downloading and installing Tasker APK, you might require to long-click the link

Final Notes:

Well, with this article, we have represented what Tasker can do for Android users, but in fact, it can do much more things beyond the expectation. Now it’s your turn to download it and explore new features in this updated version of Tasker.

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