Best Slow Motion Video Apps for Android – Top 5

Best Slow Motion Video Apps for Android – Top 5 – Well who does not like to gag around with really trendy and cool stuff? First was the time of photography. Therefore, the people living the photography would rather buy the best phones or a camera but when you are provided with the facilities of having the most versatile features of the camera in your phone them it is better to switch to the phones.

Therefore to look for the Best Slow Motion Video Apps for Android of is necessary that you must have an eye on the phone model you have, or you are looking to have. Sometimes due to low upgraded phones, the Android apps does not work well. Therefore, one can easily get along with the different versions of the Best Slow Motion Video Apps for Android so that it could easily work upon.


Slow motion app works in both ways you can get to. Easily see the small detailing so that you can easily come along the new parameters of the life. Also coming with the slow motion apps one gets to play along a lot any fun with it like you can do the work real quick and show it in slow motion which will make it look different and channelize a good attention.

Best Slow Motion Video Apps for Android – Top 5

Below is the given list of the features of the top 5 Best Slow Motion Video Apps for Android

Slow Motion Video

  • The best thing or the nature of the Slow Motion Video app is that is work on the highest possible resolution. So you can easily screen the HD quality video and then play them back in slow motion.
  • Also, you can work with the video frame by frame and easily set up the speed of the playback as desired.
  • You also get to rename and delete the video that you have made
  • You can also pick up any one video that you loved from your gallery and then play in slow motion with the Slow Motion Video app.

ReAction Slow Motion Video

  • The ReAction Slow Motion Video is well versed in assisting with the dramatic slow motion videos instantly, and the plus point is that with no loss in the quality too.
  • You will get the video in a sharp quality without any motion blurs or inter-frame artifacts that are usually seen in many of the motion clips that are made by the other applications.
  • A part of the default or unpaid feature you can also upgrade the ReAction Slow Motion Video app with the in-app purchases for slow motion Speed Bump profiles and the inbuilt feature also include The Wall and The Drop, while default includes the Smooth effect.

Slow Motion Free

  • Slow Motion Free app is a slow motion video viewer application, and you can easily choose to view an already existing video from the gallery
  • However, recording the best quality video from the camera with the help of using the Slow Motion Free app you can directly have a good clip.
  • You will be getting the speed adjusts Settings so that you can arrange the speed of the Slow Motion that is to be placed for recording.
  • Not only this but using the Pro version of the slow motion free app includes the frame rate bar sensitivity option, limitless recording time, ability to choose between internal or external storage and no ads.

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Controlled Capture Lite

  • The Controlled Capture app has made the things easier, and also one can get to capture the correct time lapse sequenced for the pictures and the slow motion videos.
  • Using the Controlled Capture Lite app, you can easily record both slow and also the fast events and then observe the intricate details in the video made.
  • Also, the better thing or the extra feature that it covers is that it features two modes Image Capture and Video Capture.
  • You can easily make up the Slow motion videos and also you can share them one WhatsApp, and what not. So the thing that you need to cover is the period.

AndroVid Video Editor

  • The AndroVid Video Editor app has the features of trimming, merging, splitting, transcoding, adding music, applying effects, adding text, grabbing video frames, making a slideshow and other too.
  • You can add video effects and also the wallpaper for the gallery.

The above-mentioned websites are easily available to be downloaded from the play store. So try any one and enjoy slow motions of the clipping.

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