Top Best Android Apps To Gesture Control Your Phone

Top Best Android Apps to Gesture Control Your Phone – These days one needs a multitasking smartphone as to cope up with different works at a time. To be practical enough with the concept of launching the smartphone one would know that by launching the gesture phones the work can be made a log easier and also it will help the Android devices to be upgraded.

There are Different applications launched for gesture control and have been made very easy for the people to come up with their multitasking facilities too. Have a look at the below given Top & Best Android Apps to Gesture Control Your Phone.

Top & Best Android Apps To Gesture Control Your Phone


SideControl is easily available on your android play store that will make your Android device come up with the side control phone gesture. Using the side control gesture for the Android application, you can easily set up a dedicated gesture for the different task.

With the help of the Sidebars, you can use it with the various categories like the applications, games, and tools and launch the application with different gestures code according to your convenience. For example, you can easily lock your phone, and kill all the running apps. Even you can easily switch to any recent app or open any notification that pops up with a swipe.

Xposed Gesture Navigation

Now since the name suggests, we all know that this gesture control navigation application helps to navigate your Android devices using the enhanced multi-touch gestures. The Xposed Gesture Navigation has become the most downloaded app for the better features provided by it and for sure one can easily get rid of the soft keys.

Just one thing to remember that the

  • Application is not free of cost
  • It will cost you around Rs 150 if you buy it from the Google Play Store.

The Android version must be Android 4.0 and above, and you must root your android device with Framaroot or any other rooting app to run Xposed Gesture Navigation.

Air Call-Accept

The Air call-accept is a free Android app that makes the Android devices work with better gesture controls. Using the help of the Air Call-Accept, you can easily receive or reject the call without even touching the phone screen.

Best Android Apps To Gesture Control Your Phone

The automatic sensors would help to detect the hand when you wave it on the screen or when you place it near the ear. Air Call-Accept is made basically for the people who indulge and infused in driving so that rejecting and receiving call becomes easier without even raising the hands from the steering.

All in one Gestures

With the use of the All in one Gestures allows you to hide the softkey and you can also control your device using the simple gestures. All you need to do is just to swipe your finger over the screen, and then the action which you want to perform.

  • You can also get along with the different gestures like Swipe from edges and corners
  • Single or double tap on the status bar and
  • Mouse or stylus (S Pen)
  • The requirement of the All in one Gestures app is that the Android version should be upgraded to 4.0 and up.
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Hovering Controls

Well, we all have been busy while driving, therefore, using the smartphone it would become a boon if one can use it without touching the screen.

With the help of the Hovering Controls application, you can use the application to perform the simple motions without touching the device Like the

  • Silent the Alarm,
  • Fast go to Home screen and more

Smart Controls: Air Gestures

Smart Controls come free of cost and are easily available on the Google Play store. It provides different features like the

  • Air Gesture control,
  • Speaking notifications,
  • Speaking mode,
  • Pocket mode,
  • Flip mode
  • Make sure that your Android device is upgraded to 4.0.

iGest – Gesture Launcher

With the help of the iGest application, you can easily start different application like

  • making phone calls,
  • opening files, and favorite web pages

So all you need to do is just to link up the gesture with the action.

The iGest – Gesture Launcher is free of cost application that provides different features for the gesture locks and others.

If you have yet not downloaded these amazing applications, then switch to these right now.

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